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The problem

Outlets, adapters and surge protectors may cause overheating and damage of outlets or plugs.

Old Plug Technology

old plug technologyUl 1278 for movable heaters mandates every heater powercord has a warning that outlets can overheat. This was not an acceptable solution for us.

No existing plugs available could solve the outlet overheating problem. Even with the best quality 14AWG cords, outlet overheating may occur.


  1. Do not place any objects such as furniture, papers, clothes, and curtains closer than 3 feet(0.9 m) to the front of the heater and keep them away from the sides and rear when the heater is plugged in.
  2. Do not place the heater near a bed because objects such as pillows or blankets can fall off the bed and be ignited by the heater.
  3. Always unplug heater when not in use.
  4. Always plug heaters directly into a wall outlet/receptacle. Never use with an extension cord or relocatable power tap (outlet/power strip).
  5. Check your heater cord and plug connections. A loose fitting outlet can cause the plug to overheat or cause a fire. Be sure plug fits tight in the outlet. Check frequently during use to make sure plug and outlet are not hot. If so, discontinue using heater and have outlet replaced by a qualified electrician.

Note: Heaters draw more current than small appliances, overheating of the outlet may occur even if it has not occurred with the other appliances.


When shopping for
a heater - Safety is #1

Safety Chart